Mini Stitch Canal Adventure

The photo opportunity started like any other, decide what would make the Stitch photo special, scope out a spot, place him and snap the picture. Simple and done deal. Except this time…the unthinkable happened!

One second Mini Stitch was tightly held in my hand and then next I heard a splash, looked down and there was Mini Stitch floating in the water!!!!! I just stared there in shock, having no idea how this had occured and what to do next. I thought for sure he was a goner and reached the end of his adventures. I saw no hope and was ready to walk away in tears.

Lucky Michelle was with me, as she saw a positive outlook in that a few paddle boats and low boats had passed by earlier so if we just waited and had faith, someone would come by that could help rescue him. So we waited. The first paddle boat to come by did not have much of a chance to help, and then a bird started circling and I thought for sure he was going to be dinner.

But then lo and behold! Three Dutch gentlemen came by in a low boat, and I caught them a bit ahead of where Mini Sttich was, jumping up screaming and waving my arms. I yelled for help to get my Stitch back, having no idea if they understand my frantic yelling but one of the gentlemen reached behind him, grabbed Stitch and then threw him at me, hitting a lady behind me in the aftermath.

All that mattered was I had Mini Stitch back! Michelle and I both yelled our thanks, I am sure they were very confused. and then explained to the small crowd what had happened, I apologized for hitting the lady, everyone seemed amused and happy I had a happy ending. He ended up safe and sound, and returned home to a very long sanitizing bath. 

So now Mini Stitch can add canal swimming to his adventures! However, needless to say he will not be going near any water I can’t reach ever again! 

Moments like these make me know that everything truly happens for a reason, whether silly or meaningful. They also make me thankful we have good friends who will be supportive in our times of need (Thanks for the help and photos Michelle!) and that there are good people in this world who will help a frantic foreigner save her canal drenched travel buddy. 

– xoxo Veronica 


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