Weekend in Amsterdam

Amsterdam had never been on my travel to list. I ignorantly assumed there would be very little of interest for me based on the “coffee shops” and Red Light District being a huge draw, two things I am not concerned with. However, I came around to seeing it after a few people presented to me that there was So much more to it, and I could avoid that whole side if I wished. The deal was sealed when I began travelling with Michelle, as it was her MUST see place.

So we went for a weekend break. My overall impressions were the it was a very pretty city with beautiful architecture and the adorable canals. It was easy to get around via tram, but a bit difficult to walk without a map. Bikes rule the road. The people were very friendly, it was a relief to be able to ask for directions and recieve a smile. It was incredible easy to avoid “that” side of things if one choose, and there was heaps of other things to do to keep one occupied!

In our time there we went on a canal tour which I highly reccomend as a first activity as it gives a great orientation to the city and is very relaxing! Visited the Van Gogh Museum which was cool and worth a visit, toured a market with crafts and street food in front of the I Am Amsterdam letters, took a ton of pictures around various pretty canals, visited the Anne Frank House which was put together well, presented in a very moving way, and incredibly eye opening. Oh, and we did make a short visit to the Red Light District, as I guess, when in Amsterdam? Still processing that one a bit. This was only a slice of the things there was to do Amsterdam, not to mention in areas surrounding the big city. Would love to go back and see a tulip field!

Photo credit, owernship and copy right goes to Michelle.

Photo credit, owernship and copy right goes to Michelle.

I REALLY enjoyed all the eating there was to be had in this city. From ALL the cheese, to vending machine croquettes, to hot chips, to pastries, to the street food and ofcourse to a delicious Argentian dinner, my inner foodie was a happy camper.

We stayed in an AirBnb for the weekend, my first experience and it was pretty good! Loved the concept of having our own little apartment to call home for the weekend, it was a cosy pace to come back to at the end of the day. The location was great, located in De Pijp we were close to the Van Gogh Musuem and just a short tram ride away into the city center. It was also great being able to get groceries and cook a meal, even if we had no clue how to work that oven!

So yeah, Amsterdam was well worth the visit and I would have been sad if I missed out on it, knowing what is there now. And with all that being said, I would be happy to visit The Netherlands again, maybe see those Tulip fields?!

Photo credit, owernship and copy right goes to Michelle.

Another great weekend away from London, exploring my current backyard that is Europe.

xoxo Veronica 


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