Month Thirteen Recap

Now over a year in London! Hard to believe that I am at the point now where I am seeing “On This Day” Facebook posts of my time here, last year. Time truly flies. May was a nice month, very busy and so it flew by!

 Best of all the sun finally started to come out (even if it has gone way now) which means lots of outside time whether it be drinks along the Southank or a picnic – of which I did both!  Along with sun also means PIMMS which I discovered just this month, and it is very much a favourite drink here! A few other activities this month was seeing Jungle Book, late brunches, getting back into running, my weekend in Amsterdam and then ending the month with a day in the adorable Cotswolds! 

I also had a special guest from Canada, my friend Kelsey! She came to stay and start her solo Europe travels in London Town. So we spent the weekend visiting, going to places such as Camden Town, Primrose Hill,  out for drinks and then spent a fabulous sunny hot picnic day in Hyde Park. It was great having a touch of Canada with me for awhile, and it was also great getting to share my London life with a friend from home ❤

May was also a good month for trying new cafes, cocktail bars and eateries! Tried The Press (delicious coffee and brownies), Turtle Bay Brixton (Jerk chicken yum!), Be At One Russel Square (massive cocktail menu), The Breakfast Club (so good all day brunch), Founders Arms (Southbank PIMMS!). I just love trying new places for tasty treats.

While this month was filled with fun and warmth, 

I was also reminded of how very short and precious life is with the passing of a highschool friend. We are not invincible and there are moments when we are reminded of this. It is so important to try to live every second in love with life. My thoughts have been with her family, and for the bright future that was suddenly ended. RIP Marita, even though I had not been apart of your story for many years, I feel that  the world lost another shining soul. I hope you know you still left impressions upon us all and you will be remembered. 

– xoxo Veronica 


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