The Adorable Cotswolds

For the 2nd Bank Holiday Monday in May, Michelle and I took a daytrip with Anderson Tours to the Cotswolds! Which is apparently the CUTEST place I have ever been to in the world. The Cotswolds is a part in south central England filled with rolling hills, fluffy sheep and adorable cottages.

The pictures say it best, so I will not spend too much time on words but in brief summary of our day. We were picked up via coach in central London and then after twoish hours we were in the first stop of our day which was Burford. The other two stops were Burton-on-the-Water and Bibury. Throughout the day we experienced wandering cobblestone streets, enjoying cream tea, having a picnic along the river, picking out future cottages to be my home, and also watching a rubber ducky race! We spent majority of the day between the three villages, and were back in London by 7pm, wistfully wishing to have stayed in the Cotswolds.

I highly recommend this tour if you are in London for quite awhile as it is a great getaway to the country and way to see another side of the UK. As you can see, the whole day was filled with picturesque surroundings and peaceful moments brought to you by the adorable Cotswolds!

Photo credit,copyright and ownership goes to Michelle.

– xoxo Veronica


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