Summer Plans

There has been something I have been alluding to  in previous posts, and that is…

In just two weeks, I will be saying goodbye to my London life! On July 4th I am departing London to embark on a 6.5 week travel adventure around Europe & Morocco! Then August 18th, I board a plane with a one way ticket HOME ❤ After just over a year of an amazing journey in this beautiful disaster of a city, I am ready to head home and begin the next chapter of my life that awaits me there.

However, first I must get some serious travels in! My summer itinerary is comprised of spending time in: Bergen & Fjord Tour in Norway, Stockholm, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Milan, The Cinque Terre, Bologna, Travel Talk tour around Morocco, Lisbon, Seville, Paris, Rome and ending with a few days in London as a tourist 😀 Needless to say I am more than excited for my adventures, where I will be travelling some of them solo and the rest being met by friends and my cousin along the way, and on a tour for Morocco as well. This itinerary finishes up (almost) the places I wanted to see in my time here, with a couple stops at favourite cities I have already been too. We all know I will be coming back with an even bigger travel bucket list than before though.

So what this means for the blog is that I am going to be taking a hiatus for July and August. I will return in the fall with post upon post of my summer adventures and my plans for when I home. So stay tuned and thank you for following along in my London Life. It has been the greatest adventure of my life, and I loved being able to share it. Looking forward to oh so many more adventures in the future.

– xoxo Veronica


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