London’s Musical Cultural Side

While in London, I took full advantage of the West End musicals and easy access Ballet tickets. Seeing a West End show is something I highly recommend while here.

West Ends Shows:


Wicked was the first musical I saw since moving to London and all the hype did not disappoint! It was so well done from start to finish. The storyline was fun to watch compared to the original Wizard of Oz story, and the music was beautiful!


Mamma Mia

Once I knew that my mom would be visiting for Christmas, I knew I would have to get tickets to see Mamma Mia as this is her favourite movie. This musical was SO MUCH FUN. Such a light heartened yet touching story and at the end, the music had everyone up and dancing around.

mamma mia

Phantom of the Opera

My stepdad and I always said that if an opportunity arose to see Phantom of the Opera in it’s original theatre we would. And it did when he came to visit at Christmas! This is the second time, (and there will be a third) that I have seen Phantom here in London, and it was just as magical as the first. Nothing beats those first few notes as the chandelier rises from the stage! This is truly a classic.

Phantom of the Opera

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Not a musical  that was ever on my original list to see but Michelle had a ticket with my name on it and so who was I to refuse? 😛 Needless to say I would have been sad if I had missed out on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it was really good! The stage effects were neat and the children acting were superb.


Lion King

This was my last West End musical for my time living in London, and boy was it a showstopper. Worth every penny and easy to see why it is so popular. Everything about the show was stunning: the music, performers, costumes, stage sets and special effects.  It was so neat to see how the creators brought this Disney Classic to the stage. A must see for sure!


I’ve had an interest in ballerinas and the ballet for a few years now, but did not take the time to go to a ballet until being in London! It is easily accessible here, with cheap tickets if you book early enough available as well.

Sleeping Beauty

My first ballet ever was Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty at Sadler Well’s Theatre. The story was a gothic interpretation of the Sleeping Beauty story, and it was stunning! I did not realize how much I would actually enjoy the ballet until after this.

sleeping beauty

Swan Lake

Swan Lake is a ballet bucket list item for sure, and I had the privilege of being able to see it this past month. In the beautiful Royal Alberta Hall venue to boot! I was enthralled every second, all the dancers were so beautiful to watch.

royal albert

This is all just a sprinkling of what is available in this city to see in terms of musicals, ballets and theatre productions. I wish I had seen more (especially Harry Potter & The Cursed Child & Aladdin) but only so much time (and the pocket) will allow. One thing is for certain though, I will make sure culture like this will be apart of my everyday life in the future.

– xoxo Veronica


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  1. I saw a show in the West End as well. I saw “Les Mis” and every since I developed an obsession for the musical, I had a dream to see it in London. That production did not ever disappoint because it was what I vision Les Mis to be. The talent among the entire cast was mind-blowing and they truthfully brought their characters to life. The emotional impact is one that is not to miss. The moment I heard those first couple of notes, I knew the show was more then I originally excepted. The show just has so much heart, passion and soul built into the characters, song and the plot. It is very different then a lot of other musicals because it goes above and beyond the exceptions of musical theatre.

    No wonder it is the longest running musical in the West End.
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  2. I never lived in London, but I did to experience a show in the West End. Two years ago, choir at our church was in residence at Bristol Cathedral so my family went up two days early to get more of London. My mom knowing it was a dream of mine to see Les Mis in London took me to see the musical there and it did not disappoint. So glad I got to experience Les Mis in London.

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