Month Fourteen Recap

Well here we are, the last monthly recap of my London Life!

June was a mix of all kinds of activities, errands, preparing and of course relaxing. As well, it brought the most challenging moment of my time here, which was when I received a phone call that a loved one was in the hospital. The distance had never felt as great as it did in that moment. Thankfully and happily, they are recovering and it is looking to be a positive outcome so I truly feel blessed in moments like this, but it was a struggle to continue to stay here and not come home early.

In terms of what I got up to this month, it was a mix of attending the cinema to see Me Before You and Alice Through Looking Glass, attending the theatre to see Lion King and the ballet to see Swan Lake. I took in a spa evening with my lovely co workers, embraced what little sunshine there was with drinks in the park. Finally, I played tourist this month and visited some last minute items to check off the list, which were the Tower of London, Colombia Flower Road Market, Postsman’s Park and Musuem of London. All of the above were the perfect mix of things to enjoy in a rainy London June.

The Lion Kingtower of london crownRavensdragontower of london white

Also, a bit of a random but still exciting moment for me this month was getting to see our garden fox one last time, with two pups in two to boot! I will miss the foxes terribly.


I made sure to enjoy some delicious culinary treats this month. Trying out a delicious new restaurant called MK Bar and Grill in South Kensington, as well as enjoying some old favourites like Nandos and GBK, and all the street food that Borough Market has to offer. And of course, spending moments with a coffee in the rain.


Overall, was a great way to spend my last month working and living in London.

royal albert hall

Today I moved out of my flat, and tomorrow is my last day of work along with my “leaving do”. After a couple days of resting and packing, I will be off on my 6.5 week adventure. My London life really is coming to a close, and all I have is very bittersweet feelings towards it. I imagine in the next weeks, I will have a lot to reflect upon and write about from my time here. I look forward to sharing it all with you upon my return home. ❤

– xoxo Veronica


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