“Well, I’m back”

– said one of my favourite literary characters. A suitable quote to express my homecoming after almost a year and a half away from home.

Now nearly three months later since my last post and here I am, back on the blogging scene. It has been a whirlwind of a summer for me, and I can’t wait to tell you ALL about it. I’m slowly settling back in at home and taking my time adjusting back to Canadian life. It’s taken me longer than I like to have adjusted back to home, even to get back into the blogging scene.

My summer travels were nothing short of epic. I saw some incredible sights, ate some amazing dishes and met some really awesome people. I also experienced plenty of firsts as well, including an eye opening experience in my first developing country. This summer also changed me, in more ways than I imagined.I look forward to seeing how those changes shape my future in the coming months.

It is still surreal to me that I am home and still a surprise to be sleeping in my bed! Its been hard to adjust to the slower pace of things back home. However its been great being back where people smile in the shops and say good morning to you while going for a run. I also can’t explain how amazing it is to be back so close with all my loved ones.

I guess there is no way to prepare for this kind of homecoming. I had no idea that the jet lag would last for about a month, and that I would experience “reverse culture shock”.  I also had no idea how easy the allure of old habits would be, and how hard it is to resist them. Luckily I have plenty of reminders around to keep me focused 😉

I plan to tell you all about my travels, leaving London and coming back home in the next few months. As well as some future travel plans. Stay tuned 🙂

– xoxo Veronica 


2 replies

  1. So happy that you are “back” and look forward to reading about your incredible summer experiences.
    I wondered how long your jet lag would take.

    Keep in touch.

    Love, Aunty Betty

  2. Hi Veronica: So glad you decided to keep this going. I’m sure many others besides me enjoy it. So glad that you are back home with us . It was great to see you. Having a few bad days re: my arthritis. Today I’m having a pedicure at 1:30 P.M. Quite looking forward to that. She clips, does the cuticles, cleans out under the nail, then hot waxes the feet and then massages them. Weather has been very cool and rained all day yesterday and is still doing so today. Take Care Love you Grandma

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