Summer Adventures: “Norway in a Nutshell”


My first stop this summer was going to be Bergen, Norway and joining a “Norway in a Nutshell” tour to see the fjords. It was a great choice for the first stop, as Norway is such an easy (if a bit expensive) country to visit.


There was nothing like seeing the fjords and Bergen was too cute! I would have loved to stay in Norway longer, if it was not so expensive. It is quite hard to budget there. Overall the parts of Norway that I got to see were filled with friendly people, beautiful scenery and clean streets!


Getting around Bergen was really easy, just a little wet! I happened to get lost in the rain but I managed to stumble upon a neat courtyard, and gave me a chance to use the umbrella I had just purchased. I spent the first day wandering Bergen, enjoying the Bryggen area with the cozy cafes and shops.


While in Bergen I also got the chance to try a delicious reindeer fillet. I wanted to try something unique in each place I visited this summer and reindeer was on the list for Norway. Despite how expensive it is, it was worth it to try it.


My Norway in a Nutshell tour was superb! It was a long day with lots of self guided travel but it was very cool to see all the scenery. It was easy to self navigate because there were heaps of other people travelling at the same time. The best part by far was the fjord cruise. Two hours of stunning scenery. The fjords are so wild and beautiful was easy to get lost in the moment and nature of it all. The Flam railway was also neat, especially when we stopped at a waterfall and got to see a folklore singer and dancer!


Booking the Norway in a Nutshell tour was easy. I just booked through their website and then picked up the tickets from the Bergen train station before my train departure. The tour is self guided as said above, so tour is a loose word. The booking just combines all your transportation into one package, with an itinerary that you just have to follow. Starts with a train ride, then a bus, then a fjord cruise and then the Flam railway and then another train to whichever destination you choose. For accommodation I stayed at Marken Gjestehus. My stay at Marken Gjestehus was good as well. A basic but comfy and clean hostel to stay at. I would recommend there for a stay in Bergen, and as a base to explore the fjords.


I will add that the strangest part about Norway was experiencing the midnight sun! My first time, and it was a really hard adjustment. Even with curtains and an eye mask, my internal clock was messed up with seeing daylight out of my window. This was a great choice for the start of my summer adventure.

– xoxo Veronica


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