Summer Adventures: Layover in Stockholm

Sometimes in the world of budget flights, routes and prices just don’t make sense. Like how it was cheaper for me to fly from Bergen-Stockholm-Prague then Bergen-Prague straight. However, in the end I got a new designation out of it, even if it was just a short visit of roughly 12 hours.


While my time in Stockholm was short, it was very very sweet. I truly enjoyed every second of my visit here from walking down the streets to the Old Town and along the waterfront, to relaxing in my hostel courtyard with a pint and swedish meatballs. I definitely wished I had taken at least an extra day to spend more time here, especially to be able to have time to visit the variety of museums there and to spend more time strolling the streets!


My favourite part was walking along the waterfront and looking at all the pretty ships along the way.


The one takeaway I have from Stockholm is that it is just so darn pretty! It appeared that all the buildings were beautiful colours, the foliage was always a stunning green and the city itself was so clean and bright. I could have happily just basked in the sunlight all day.

I really enjoyed my choice of hostel, City Backpackers, as well. It was super nice, with very comfy beds and dorm rooms and a great courtyard to relax in. The location couldn’t be beat either.

I will defiantly be returning to Stockholm!

Рxoxo Veronica 


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