Expect the Unexpected

If there is one major thing I have learned since coming home, it is this: do not become attached to an outcome. Just don’t. Save yourself the trouble now, and embrace this fact. I encourage you to do this, and you will be set for a lot more smooth sailing in life.

I had intentions upon coming home. Heck, I was seriously attached to a select few outcomes. Guess what? They almost all went to hell in a handbasket. Some of them within days of arriving home. Some of them I am still experiencing and dealing with.

However, easier said than done eh? No matter what occurs in our life, we go into it with an expectation. A job, a relationship, finances, a trip, even going shopping for a new pair of shoes. We can spend months building something up in our mind, playing out all the details and possible end results. But ultimately, we become attached to one specific outcome. We assure ourselves that has to be the end result, why? Because it’s the one want. Well sometimes, what we want doesn’t always matter.

For most of us, the majority of the time, life does not present us with what we want, at least, not WHEN we want it or quite HOW we want it. I find myself wondering why this is so? Why does it seem like nearly everyone is fighting a battle to have the life they want. Why does it seem we are always facing disappointments? I don’t have a negative outlook on life, it’s not that I think the world is all doom and gloom. But it appears that the things that we really want, just don’t happen right away.

Is this so we appreciate it more? Is it so we don’t take those things for granted? I’ve come to learn that all the really good moments in my life, I had to wait for. The things I really appreciate, I spent time earning. I had to fight for them, I had to wait. Eventually I would get my desire outcome but it was not how I originally expected. Therefore, I’ve come to expect the unexpected and encourage you to do the same because I’ve also realized that the unexpected outcome can lead to something different, something better, something more…

– xoxo Veronica 


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