Six Weeks Carry On Only

My summer involved a lot of budget airline flights and walking to and from accommodations. I had already experienced carrying around a 75L backpack from my Europe backpacking trip, and it was an experience I did not want to repeat. I already had my trusty Tortuga Air that I had been using for my shorter trips so I decided to challenge myself to six weeks of carry on only!

So where to start when choosing to go carry on only? Well first, you should expect to have a few repacks. I started out with piling all the items I wanted to bring, and then downsized from there. It took me three times, but the best part was that it worked out well. I did not miss anything from my wardrobe, I wore what I packed and I did not have to buy anything either.


First up was packing my day bag, which was my Cath Kidston bag and let me tell you this bag was PERFECT for me all summer. In that bag was all the documents, money, cards, and little daily items I needed such daily toiletries, shopping bag, and of course Mini Stitch!


Then there is the electronics, which consists of portable chargers, camera, kindle, extra batteries and adapter plug!

img_1510All the misc stuff that fits into the mesh part of my Tortuga. Extra shoes, locks, sleeping mask, journals, clutch, sunglasses (which sadly broke in Italy :() and expandable duffle bag just in case!

img_1511Liquid toiletries that meet the carryon restrictions, including a spray version of polysporn that came in handy a lot over the summer. A quick fix for cuts, bug bites and deep sanitization.

img_1512All the other toiletries, medication and fashion essentials 😛

img_1513Finally all the clothes! I can’t believe how well I cut down to just these few items. I had it pretty easy because all destinations except the Fjords, was going to be quite warm (and in some cases super hot) so that made packing pretty light. Lots of summer dresses and light layers. I chose the items that were light, and could roll into something as small as possible. I prepared myself to do laundry about every 10 days, which worked out well with my schedule.

img_1514And there it is, all packed and ready to go!

I have no regrets about being carry on only all summer, it was the best. It was great to walk off all my flights, it was great to be packed up within 10 minutes and it was great to not feel responsible for so many valuables.

I plan to go carry on only for a lot of my future trips! Hopefully with my Tortuga Air which did not even sustain a scratch this summer. It kept everything so organized and easy to find in a hurry.

– xoxo Veronica 


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