Summer Adventures: Pretty Prague

I knew Prague was going to be pretty amazing but it even exceeded those expectations! I fell in love with all the gothic architecture, and pretty pastel buildings. I was joined by two travel buddies in Prague, Michelle and Nikki and we spent three days (which turned out to be the perfect amount) exploring the best of Prague.


Photo credit, ownership and copyright goes to Michelle! 

The first evening was spent wandering around The Old Town, enjoying the sights and people. The best part was watching the adorable old town square astronomical clock show. This seemed to gather a rather large crowd every hour on the hour, which made it extra fun to watch.


The second day was spent exploring the Castle and grounds, getting some amazing views of Prague while we were at it. The castle and cathedral was great to see, such pretty architecture on the outside beautiful interiors.


Finally the last couple activities that are Prague’s must dos would be walking along Charles Bridge and visiting the John Lennon graffiti wall! Walking along Charles Bridge was really pretty, especially with the castle looming in the background.


While in Prague, we stayed at Plus Prague Hostel was an alright choice. It had an easy to get to by transit location, and provided a comfortable enough place to sleep. The hostel was popular among tour groups so there was a very busy atmosphere.


The best part about Prague was just being able to walk around the Old Town and enjoy the beautiful architecture, unique shops and tasty treats. Overall it was such an easy city to navigate and so cheap, it was unbelievable after spending some time in Norway.


I had wanted to visit Prague for a very long time, and it was very much well worth the wait. Prague was a city that was so easy to fall in love with and one I can’t wait to visit again.

– xoxo Veronica


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