Vee’s Book Nook: September & October

My reading slowed down a bit once I got home as most of my time was dedicated to catching up with all my family and friends. I also wanted to re read the Harry Potter series after reading The Cursed Child.

Harry Potter Philosphers Stone-Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling : After reading The Cursed Child, I knew I had to re read the Harry Potter series just to make sure the magic was still there, and it was! These books will always be timeless for me.

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa:  An interesting and dark twist on the faerie world, using familiar and notable literary faerie characters such as “Puck” from Midsummer Nights Dream. The story follows Megan Chase as she discovers her magical  heritage while embarking on a mission to save her little brother from the classic faerie world,  only to discover new kinds of twisted faerie creatures that have been created from the modern day technology obsessions. A quick and surprisingly enjoyable read in “The Iron Fey” series.

The Art of Conversation by Catherine Blyth: A really interesting read on how to hold a proper conversation, decipher what kind of conversationalist you are and how to improve your conversation skills in both a professional and friendly environment. The book is a quirky fun read with plenty of anecdotes and silly examples to keep you entertained while learning how to gain back the art of conversation in our technology crutched world.

Now that I am wrapping up the Harry Potter series, I think November will be a month for reading some classics. Stay tuned to hear which ones!

– xoxo Veronica 


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