Summer Adventures:Vienna

After Prague is was time to hope on a train for a very pretty scenic four hour train ride into Vienna. The temperatures at this point were beyond hot and the journey from the train station to the hostel was a bit tiring. However it was worth it to get to explore another new city.


My overall take on Vienna was that it was filled with gorgeous architecture, very easy to transport around, plenty to do for everyone’s interests but it lacked the charm that I felt with Prague, and so I just did not fall in love with Vienna like I thought I would.


While in Vienna, we visited the Schloss Park, Cathedral, Opera House, the old town, Hofburg Palace,  very beautiful cemetery where Beehtoven and Mozart were buried, rode the tram around, visited a traditional coffee house where we stepped back in time and had delicious coffee and sacher torte.


This time the hostel was Wombats City Hostel Naschmarkt, it was a great location and very nice space. I had a cozy stay there, but it was lacking air conditioning in the rooms and with how hot it was in Vienna, they were much needed. There was also a serious lack of organization in the kitchen space that made it hard to cook meals, however everything else about my stay here was great! The staff was very helpful and friendly as well.


The best part for me was Schoburn park! Visiting the cute old zoo, and then spending time in the gorgeous park was incredible. Here I found the perfect spot to sit and read, and then  found myself wandering around, taking pictures and to cap it off there was a wicked thunderstorm to enjoy! Those few hours in the park were my favourite takeaway from Vienna.


You can’t fall in love with every place you visit, and sometimes a city just does not click. However I am always happy to visit a new place and get the chance to continue the adventure.

– xoxo Veronica 


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