Summer Adventures: Budapest 2.0


Budapest seemed to the the most ideal spot to end the journey from Prague with Michelle and Nikki. It was also super cheap to fly from Budapest or Milan so it worked out all around.


Photo credit, copyright and ownership belongs to Michelle.

The biggest thing on my to do list this time around, was visit the Szechenyi Baths! The rest of my time here would be spent just relaxing and wandering the streets, as I had done most of the sightseeing when I visited Budapest on my Balkans Tour. This all worked out well as I had hit a bit of a rough patch health wise by this point in the trip and so a day of rest was much needed.

However on my second morning here I took full advantage of wandering the streets, and visited the Chain Bridge to take in the views. In the afternoon the three of us journeyed to the baths for some R&R time.


The Szechenyi Baths were well worth it! The grounds are beautiful, its located in a lovely park and the baths themselves were the ultimate in relaxation.

My last evening in Budapest was ended with a delicious multi course dinner at my favourite restaurant from my first Budapest visit. All the fried cheese and cabbage rolls a gal could ask for!

I highly recommend the hostel that we stayed at: MultiPass Hostel. A very small hostel with two dorm rooms and one private room, all built into a cozy little flat complete with a lounge area, kitchen and a puppy! It was just like staying at home, the staff were super friendly and accommodating and the location provided easy access to the busy streets and transit as well. Also within walking distance to the baths! It was the perfect place for me to get the rest I needed.


I believe that Budapest will be a place I return to again and again. Something about that city just speaks directly to my heart.

– xoxo Veronica


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