Summer Adventures: Milan Layover

Milan was an unexpected stop for the summer, but when I was looking at flights from Budapest to Italy, a flight to Milan was less than 20Euro! So that was a no brainer. I only set aside my arrival evening to spend in Milan, so it was just a short little introduction.

My biggest takeaway from my visit was that Milan is geared towards those who like to shop and have the shiny cards to enjoy it! Had I spent more time here, I am sure I would have found that is much more to see there but that was certainly my first impression.

I would have loved to see The Last Supper, but the tickets for that sold out within minute of being released for the day I was there. So if you know you are going to Milan in advance and want to see The Last Supper, book your tickets as soon as you can!

All the above being said, my evening in Milan was still quite enjoyable. I spent it in the main square by the Cathedral, enjoying delicious pizza, gelato, and some pretty amazing performers playing the Game of Thrones music. It was also a great spot for people watching!

While in Milan I stayed at Hostel Colours, which I highly recommend. The place was in an easy to get around location, the accommodations were comfy cozy and clean, staff was friendly and it had a great social vibe!


My time in Milan was very short, but it was a peaceful evening and refreshed me for the rest of the Italy portion of my travels.

– xoxo Veronica


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