Travelling in My Backyard

I have the joy of being so closely located to the mountains here in Calgary. Banff National Park is only an hours drive away. So it is very easy to justify quick weekend or even day trip getaways to the mountain. However, before moving to London, I did very little of that. But once I was away from home, I really missed having the mountains in my backyard. So I vowed to spend more time visiting them upon my return!


I have done well in honouring that vow. In my 6 months of being home (Gasp! Six months already?) I have visited the mountains five times. I say that is pretty good.

My first visit was only a few days after my homecoming. Spending a night in Banff, wandering the streets and enjoying the fresh summer air. I was almost moved to tears upon seeing the mountains again, I sure had missed them.


My second visit was a quick day trip to Canmore in the fall to do some boutique and foodie shopping- most importantly to get bagels and truffle oil.


Third, fourth and fifth visits were all in the winter, which were all a first to me. I am not a winter sports gal, at all, so usually if I did visit the mountains it was in the warmer months. Turns out, I was missing out on a lot of charm by not visiting in the snowy seasons.

There was a November visit to the Banff hot springs and a quick hike near Lake Minnewanka…


…then a cozy mountain getaway  weekend in Lake Louise…


and lastly an evening and morning spent shopping and relaxing in between Banff and Canmore.


There are plenty of visits planned for the summer, particularly involving hiking and camping and more hot springs! I can’t wait to spend more time exploring my mountain backyard!

– xoxo Veronica 


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