Summer Adventures: Morocco Cities


My Morocco tour continued on Day 4 with a long day of driving from the desert. We stopped midway through the day for a picnic lunch in the oasis and then continued onwards to our hotel for the evening. There was a visit around the area, a walk through a gorge and then a walk around the village which introduced us to some interesting cultural aspects of Morocco and then we had our own private little balcony dinner before resting up for the night.


My favourite part of this day was getting to visit  the gorge as this was where a part of The Mummy was filmed! It was also very refreshing to see some green after the two days in the desert.


The following morning I woke up a bit early and joined a friend for a quick and peaceful dip in the pool at the hotel. Was a great way to start the day. Unfortunately, it was another long day of driving on the bus. However we did get to make a fun stop in a forest where we fed monkeys. That was really neat, even though they were a bit grumpy or scary at some moments. In the evening we made it into the big city of Fes and went to dinner and a folklore show. The dinner and show was really good; filled with music and magicians and belly dancers and so much food. Two of tour members took part in the Moroccan wedding at the end as well. A really fun evening!


Next on the plate was a full day in Fes with a local tour guide. We toured many sights that took nearly most of the day. Starting with the Royal Palace, Fortress and then we entered the Medina before lunch.


The Medina was really interesting and challenging at the same time.  For starters it was like a labyrinth which, while was very interesting and neat to see, it was also really scary as we could not get lost or wander off at all. There is no way to navigate that we would have understood, and I was not a fan of that experience. It was also very eye opening and challenging to see the different state of lifestyle there. I found it hard to accept the rubbish everywhere, over populated and sick kittens, and beggars. It was then that I really and truly appreciated where I came from and the life I have lived. One of the big reasons for travelling of course.


During this tour we also went to a proper ceramics shop, weavers, brass platers and a tannery, which was interesting to see how these products were produced but it did get a bit exhausting near the end of the day, as every place we visited there was slight pressure to purchase products. I did get the chance to buy Dad an authentic Targine cooking pot though!

The highlight of this day was later that evening when we organized our own group dinner at a cute and delicious restaurant called Cafe Clock. It was just a really nice time with everyone that we made happen on our own, and where we got to try some different foods together (such as a camel burger) and even explore a bit on our own.


This part of the tour was filled with the most culture shock. I will never forget my experience in Fes, it was the biggest cultural eye opener I have ever experienced so far. These few days were filled with lots of rich experiences and a variety of views of Morocco.

– xoxo Veronica 


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