Summer Adventures: Morocco The Coast


Continuing on with the tour, by Day eight we made it to Casablanca. Before we arrived in Casablanca we did make a midday stop in Rabat. While in Rabat we toured around the Hassan Tower, Mohamed IV Mausoleum, Chassalha Ruins , Royal Palace & Gardens and the blue and white medina then lunch on the beach. The stop in Rabat was a mixed time for me as our local tour guide was an unpleasant person and very frustrating to be around. However we did see some interesting and beautiful sights. Seeing the white and blue medina and than exiting out onto a beach front was lovely.


When we arrived in Casablanca, we stopped at the Mosque and drove by “Ricks Cafe” but that was all the time that was allocated to see the sights here. Later that evening we had some comfort fast food and watched the sun sent over the sea.


On the eighth day of the tour, everyone started to get very ill. We drove all day to Essauriou, with the majority of us resting and attempting to get better. Those of us who did feel okay, spent the evening wandering the beach seaside city. We spent time in the Medina and then had dinner at a very trendy and tasty spot which was nice. The only time in my life I will have tried saffron creme brûlée!


Finally it was the last full day of the tour. We spent a lovely morning on a walk along to the beach and then explored the medina some more and had an amazing time shopping, this was the best place to purchase souvenirs to take back home. It was a really fun way to end the tour. That evening we returned to Marrakech, and shopped in the Medina for some last minute items and then had a last little dinner at at tasty burger joint which was a memorable way to spend the last few hours of the tour!


So my overall thoughts: It was a very long tour, or at least it did feel that way because there was just a lot of time on the bus. It would have been nicer to spend two nights in some places.I felt it was a very controlled tour, with little room to have our own choices in things like activities or food. Our main tour guide and bus driver were great throughout the whole tour. The country itself was a challenge for me to visit and spend time in, especially as a women. However visiting the country taught me to appreciate many things about my life and home country. I will always be thankful that I took this tour as it showed me a different side of travel, a new way of living and where my limitations lie, and at the same time, my ability to step out of my comfort box.

– xoxo Veronica 


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