Summer Adventures: Seville

My last stop of my solo summer travels. I purposely planned this to be my last stop because I knew a city in Spain would give me lots of chill time. And Seville was the perfect choice!


Aside from being so pretty, Seville was also full of many places to just relax. This was exactly what I needed after many weeks of go go go and changing so many destinations. I was able to just slow down and unwind for five days in Seville. Marie and I did some of the main sight seeing, relaxed in cafes, had many siestas (mostly to escape the heat), went shopping and enjoyed some tapas!


Seville was a very walkable city, with stunning architecture around every corner, and the most adorable cobblestone streets. I really just enjoyed my time wandering around.  The main sights that I saw were the gorgeous Plaza de Espana and Alcazar Palace. The Plaza was the best place to just relax and enjoy the evening sunshine, while Alcazar Palace was my favourite to visit because of the Game of Thrones filming locations (think Dorne).


The hostel  I stayed at was Oasis Backpackers and it was nice. The location was great for walking around, and it was comfortable. However it was a magnet for big student groups which changed the whole atmosphere and made it a bit less relaxing.


I couldn’t have been happier in my decision to spend the last little bit of my solo summer travel in Seville. It was a nice relaxing end, and rejuvenated me for my crazy ten day adventure with my cousin. Stay tuned!

– xoxo Veronica 



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