Vee’s Book Nook: February& March & April

Well the bulk of my reading time the past two months was sucked up with War & Peace, which I am STILL reading. However I did manage to read a couple more as well.

War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy: I LOVED Anna Karenina. It is still one of my favourite tragic romances of all time. Because I enjoyed that classic so much, I wanted to try out another Tolstoy. So I chose War & Peace.  A massive book detailing the lives of Russian nobility during Napleon’s reign and attempt to take over Russia. It has taken me so so long to get through! I think it is the type of book that would be better to read on a vacation, on a beach, somewhere that time can be dedicated to it and not just here and there. It is just so full of information, and events, and people that the storyline is not as easy to follow as I would have expected. I have preserved though, and will finish it. However I don’t think I will get the same satisfaction as I did with Anna Karenina. 

12 Years A Slave by Soloman Northup: A read inspired by a movie. The book was incredible. It was so well written and brings Soloman’s story to a deeper level. Told directly through Soloman’s point of view, the story details the terrible journey Soloman took to get himself home after being forced unlawfully into slavery.

Rebel Angels by Libba Bray: The second in the A Great and Terrible Beauty series! Still one of my favourite books. The adventure continues with the girls, this time highlighting their time in London during the Christmas holiday season as the mystery of their secret world deepens.

Me Before You by JoJo Meyes: The book is just as sad as the movie. It was a little less of a shock as I had seen the movie already, so I knew what was coming. Reading the book added a bit more depth to the characters back stories, and the movie did a great job of following through with it. A story about a young woman without a job who finds herself becoming a care giver for a young paralyzed man who used to live a daring and adventurous lifestyle. “Lou” Clark spends her time as Will’s caregiver trying to show him that there is still a life to be had, and then along the way she finds out how to live herself. The movie moved me so much, and the book even more so.

Once I wrap up with War & Peace I hope to make up for lost time by reading many more books for the next book nook.

– xoxo Veronica


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