An Ideal Summer Vacation

Well, it is starting to feel like fall around here. And while autumn is my favorite season, and I love all the things it brings (hello pumpkin spice lattes!) I am a little blue that summer is over. It went by sooo fast! To help me through the blues I thought I would share some pictures and moments from the wonderful summer holiday I had with Corey and his family.



First stop was a weekend in the Shuswap, British Columbia. A popular summer getaway destination I had yet to visit, so I was very excited to finally get the chance. We camped in Cotton Cove, which was a very pretty lakeside spot to relax the weekend away. While there I tried kayaking for the first time (and loved it), went for a hike in a lush forest and spent quite a lot of time just hanging out at the beach. The time here was filled with lots of happy times, laughs and great memories.


The next stop for the remainder of this holiday was Vancouver! A city I had not visited for well over a decade. It was fun to see some new sights, and get a different perspective on the city, and it was also amusing to experience same old situations like getting stuck in traffic and spending hours searching for a parking spot.

We spent a week in Vancouver, enjoying lots of lovely family time and tons of relaxing, which was just what was needed. We did get up to a few things though like visiting Stevetson so I could see the Once Upon a Time sets and have some amazing fish and chips, went to the aquarium which was cool to see (even if it was crazy overpriced!), walked around Stanley Park and relaxing on Granville Island, a short but sweet hike in Lighthouse Park, a busy visit in Downton Vancouver, taking the sea bus across the harbour, and of course plenty of time spent on the beach, reading, building sand castles and relaxing away.


While here we stayed in an AirBnB, which was suitable and comfortable enough for the duration of our stay. We were mislead a bit in the kitchen situation,  and so resorted to eating out while there – which was not that much of a disappointment really as there was so much delicious food to be had! Especially the seafood.


All in all, it was the best summer holiday. It had been ages since I had taken an actual vacation, and not just spent time travelling around like a madman. So this week allowed me plenty of time to slow down, and enjoy being a tourist in my own country, in the company of some pretty amazing people.

– xoxo Veronica 




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