Vegas Forever


The publishing of this post was postponed, in light of the events of that happened in Las Vegas October 2017. The terrible, horrific and heartbreaking events. I wasn’t sure how to write about my weekend I spent in Vegas back in August. It was an amazing weekend, but it is hard to think about that city fondly with what has happened there, and all the people that suffered.


So I thought about it, about how I should recap the incredible weekend we had there without being insensitive. I’m still not sure I will do this right, but I think it would be terrible to not write about such an amazing city in spite of an awful act. Vegas will always and forever hold a special place in my heart as the city of “anything is possible”.


This trip to Vegas was different then the others (as they always are) as it was my first “couples” trip to Vegas. The four of us spent a long weekend filled with lots of sun, pool time, delicious eats, amazing entertainment and many memories! I can officially say that three nights is the perfect amount for me for a Vegas trip. It provides just enough time to live it up the fullest, without overstimulating yourself. So lets breakdown the weekend.


The Stay: We stayed at MGM Grand Hotel! It was a great stay, in their grand suite with a slight upgrade to a strip view. The room was comfy, room service was delicious and the hotel offered a great base for the weekend. Easy access to the strip and monorail. The slots and food court provided great amusement and yummy snacks for the in between moments, and a nice escape from the crowd that just never seemed to end! The only thing I would not recommend was the spa, which lacked the glamorous and pampering service I am used to from hotel spas in Vegas. But the best for last! If there is any reason to stay at the MGM it would be for the Grand Pool, which was indeed, grand! While here we rented pods for the day for some comfort and ultimate relaxation, floated around the lazy river many times, enjoyed tasty drinks and super yummy food all with wonderful service! I would happily spend more days by the grand pool.




The Eats: Las Vegas is always filled with culinary temptations, and choosing is forever a struggle. This visit we ate at two very noteworthy places. One was The Wicked Spoon Buffet in the Cosmopolitan Hotel which was so delicious and worth every penny. The selection at this gourmet buffet surpassed anything I had ever seen before. Right down to gourmet mac and cheese and frog legs. The other place was Aurole which we went to for a fancy birthday dinner (for yours truly!). I had walked by this restaurant to see the Wine Tower on every visit thus far, and finally ended up having dinner here. It was so worth the wait. We all choose the pre fixe menu and got to try some delicious dishes, including an epic seafood risotto. It was fun getting to see the wine fairy go up and get a bottle of wine, and enjoy the overall atmosphere. One of the newest things I tried this time around was a rainbow latte from Sambalatte!


The Fun: We spent plenty of time wandering the strip during the evenings, enjoying all the hotels and their shows. The Bellagio fountain show is always the best though. New this time around was taking part in a little table betting at roulette, which was a great time! Roulette seems like the best way to break the table gambling ice. We also saw Penn & Teller magic show at the Rio which was pretty entertaining if only slightly cheesy. We spent the last evening at Duelling Pianos at New York New York which was SO MUCH FUN and by far one of the best ways to end off a birthday.



All in all this Vegas trip was a great one! Starting off with a surprise limo pick up and ending with an afternoon in a private pod by the pool – the glamorous life is certainly for me! Well at least for a weekend anyway ;).

-xoxo Veronica 


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