About Me

IMG_2965Well hello there. It appears that you have stumbled onto my little virtual diary here. Chances are you are either a family member or friend who was coerced into reading this by me. Or you are new friend who found this among the millions of blogs that feature posts about travelling, living abroad, working holiday visas etc.  If you are in the first group, thanks for entertaining me by reading this, it is nice to know that this blog will be read by someone (even if it just by mom and dad). If you are in the second group, I hope this blog will help give you the information you are looking for (as did those millions of blogs for me when I needed information), as well as inspire you to start on your own incredible journey of “something more”. Throughout this blog I want to share with you my past travels and all the new adventures that I take where I continue to do something more than planned with my time here on this planet.


Just for fun here are a few facts about myself – I am lucky enough to have an incredible partner who shares in all life’s adventures with me and provides so much love and support. I have a best friend who is really my soul sister that has stood by my side for over a decade now and without her, I would have never realized that there is something more out there for life. have the greatest Mom, Dad and Step Dad in the world. They each have helped me grow into the person that I am today and offer me so much love and support to which I am always thankful for. I am also blessed to have a few amazing friends and a wonderful family that offer me all the best fun in life a girl could ever ask for and whom I know will always have my back. I have a fur baby named Keeta, who continues to provide endless cuddles and amusement. I am a foodie and a book nerd to heart. My favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings Series, and my favorite TV shows ever have got to be Lost, How I Met Your Mother & Once Upon A Time but do not ask me for my favorite book – impossible choice. I have an obsession with Disney, Disney Parks & Disney Princesses. In my travels I have been to across most of Canada (missing Newfoundland & Territories), and visited cities in United States (mostly west coast), Haiti, Jamaica, England, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Netherlands, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and Slovenia, Norway, Sweden and Morocco.

In conclusion, I am a gal in her twenties who has realized that there is so much more to our lives then what the norm would have us think. My something more was travelling and living in another part of the world, which led me to realizing that I want to live every day in an extraordinary way.  Your something more could be anything that you have always dreamed of doing – but have yet to pursue because it doesn’t fall into the standard “plan” for our lives. Whatever it is, I hope that you find the inspiration that you need to live your life as something more than planned.

– xoxo Veronica


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