Moving to the UK

This section is dedicated to my posts pertaining to the working holiday visa process, the research I did before my move, all the fun stuff I worked through to settle in once I got here and finally all about that #LondonLife. As well, some of my thoughts regarding this whole process. Hope you find this helpful! Always feel free to send me an email if you want an answer to anything specific.

Pre-Departure Thoughts, Research and Advice:

My Moments

Selectively Sharing the News

To Store or To Sell

Waiting, Researching and Dreaming

Not All Rainbows and Butterflies 

How I Saved $$$ In a Year

“Packing” For Two Years Abroad

A Recap, Saying Goodbye & Turning the Page to Adventure

Working Holiday Visa Process:

SWAP Details

 Visa Process

 It’s Official!

Upon Arrival/Settling In

Britbound, Banks & All That Technical Stuff

All That Technical Stuff Part Two

A Bit More of That Technical Stuff


Leaving London


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