Mini Stitch Canal Adventure

The photo opportunity started like any other, decide what would make the Stitch photo special, scope out a spot, place him and snap the picture. Simple and done deal. Except this time…the unthinkable happened! One second Mini Stitch was tightly held in my hand and then next I heard a […]

Month Twelve Recap

One year! WOW. Amazing how time flies. When it comes down to it, I feel like I blinked and the year had gone by. I will be writing a post directed at the year in whole later so for now, let’s focus on what was April, my twelfth month here […]

Vee’s Book Nook: April

I did not read as much in April as I did in March but I did read three very different books! 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne: A classic! One I can’t believe I went to along with not reading. It was really good! It set quite a […]

London vs. Home

Well now that I have almost been in London a year, I thought a little post about all the differences I have had to adapt to in that time, would be fun. Note, I say London instead of the UK as I firmly believe London lives by its own rules […]

Vee’s Book Nook: March

  I read quite a lot more than I expected to in March, thanks to a co worker lending me some short novels (after seeing me snoop through the collection at work :P). It was nice to spend a couple Sunday afternoons tucked away with tea and a book. Love […]