Kicking the Heathrow Injection

   Before I moved to London, I was warned about “The Heathrow Injection” – which is basically what those who move here call the first *blank* amount of lbs that could be gained within the first few months of moving here. I threw it off as a joke more than […]

Vee’s Book Nook: December

December was another good reading month with a variety of different books. A Blitmore Christmas by Diane Ashley, Sylvia Barnes, Rhonda Gibson: This was a short little read to occupy my time on the bus during the trip to Brugge. The book contained 4 short stories, all centering around one […]

Month Seven Recap

November was a great month! Β It was filled with wonderful moments and a feeling of peace that held throughout the month (and is still going). Β  I am unable to identify the moment or particular day where I noticed how joyful and at peace I felt with life, but I […]