Month Seven Recap

November was a great month!  It was filled with wonderful moments and a feeling of peace that held throughout the month (and is still going).   I am unable to identify the moment or particular day where I noticed how joyful and at peace I felt with life, but I […]

The Balkan Tour Part Seven: Budva

Budva. The strangest place I have ever been!   Budva is essentially a resort town, catering towards tourists from Russia. I am quite confident we were the only group of tourists that spoke English in our massive resort. (I am not saying this as a prejudice, it just surprised me that […]

Six Months in London!

Well a bit late, but better then never. My month six recap! I can hardly believe that I have spent half a year in another country and in a city such as London. I dreamt about moving to the UK for years, and I patiently waited for those plans to […]

Vee’s Book Nook: October

October I got back to reading a classic which was so so good, and also read a book inspired from going to a musical. Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald: I love Scott Fitzgerald books, and have made my way through quite a bit of his collection. I […]